By - Perry Myers

How to conclude an essay?

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How to conclude an essay?

For those who ask the question: how to conclude the final essay? The conclusion, like the other compositional parts of the essay, can be both standard and creative.


There are several standard ways how to conclude an essay:

  • Simple Conclusion.

It is usually customary to complete the essay with the conclusion of the foregoing. This is probably the most common way to complete an essay. However, at the same time it is the most difficult method, since it is difficult, on the one hand, not to duplicate in the conclusion what has already been said, and, on the other hand, not to deviate from the subject of the essay.

  • Call to action.

This is another fairly common version of the ending. Here it is desirable NOT to use verbs 2 faces like “take care”, “respect”, “remember”. Why? Yes, everything is very simple: each essay has an addressee – the one who reads it and to whom appeals will be addressed. In our case, this is the teacher who will check the work. It turns out that we urge him to take care of, remember, etc. Honestly, it’s not very ethical. Therefore, it is better to use the word “let’s”: “let’s take care of nature”, “let’s remember about veterans”, etc.

  • Expression of hope.

This is one of the most winning options for the final part, because allows you to avoid duplication of thought, ethical and logical mistakes. Important: you need to express hope for something positive. To write: “I would like to hope that nature will avenge itself and all people will die,” – you should not, you know.

There are also some creative ways how to conclude an essay.


  • Meaningful quotation.

You can stock up on quotations in advance in all thematic areas, it may happen that some will do. Important: the meaning of the quotation must necessarily correspond to the main idea of ​​the essay. You cannot use a quote just because it contains a key word (for example, in a work on nature, a quote with the word “nature”) and do not take into account its general meaning.

  • Sketch, which returns to the introduction.

I look at the lighted windows of the houses and think about how it would be nice if there was no loneliness behind them, if everyone who lives there was taken care of. Turning over the old front letters, I dream that there will never be more wars in the world that separate families.

  • Quote.

Thus, friendship is of paramount importance in a person’s life. It was not for nothing that Cicero stated: “There is nothing better and more pleasant in the world than friendship; to exclude friendship from life is the same as depriving the world of sunlight. ”