By - Perry Myers

How to cite an essay?

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How to cite an essay?

An important requirement for an essay is the completeness of the content; the validity of the propositions put forward, the persuasiveness of the conclusions. These qualities can be achieved with the help of quotations, skillfully and appropriately included in the text of the essay.

Many students ask themselves: how to cite an essay? Quotes in the essay are literally transmitted excerpts from works of art, critical articles, writers’ statements, or any other sources. They are cited by the authors of the essays in order to back up and confirm their thoughts. In order to know how to cite an essay, you must comply with the following requirements:

  1. The quotations should be in accordance with the content of the provision they confirm, as well as the entire essay.
  2. Do not overload the compositions, it is advisable to be used and purposefully. Introduction to the text of the quotation should be accompanied by the necessary generalizations, conclusions, reasoning.

Any quotation is included in the text of the essay and issued according to certain rules.

For a graphic selection in the text of any quote are quotes.

If the quotation is drawn from a critical article or some other source, then the author should be indicated, to whom the quoted words belong.

Such a feature as the use of a lowercase or uppercase letter depends on how they are included in the text of the essay which is also part of the question of how to cite an essay. In this regard, quotes may be of several varieties:

  1. It may be a small text consisting of two or more independent sentences. In such cases, the quote is written with a new line and begins with a capital letter, standing out in a separate paragraph.
  2. Quotations from poetic texts are also drawn up. Quotes of this kind are included in the text without special “introductory” words, as part of a single text.
  3. Often used quotes in the form of direct speech. In such cases, they are usually entered into the text using words written, said, noticed, etc. in compliance with all the rules of the organization of sentences with direct speech. In the event that a part of an utterance is cited not from the beginning, but from the middle of a sentence, the quotation begins with a lowercase letter, and ellipsis is put in place of the missing words.